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As of September 1, 2013, the new laws and rules for license to carry permits has gotten easier than it has ever been in its 21 year history.

The entire school training time to qualify since the inception of the program had been from 10 to 15 hours long. Starting on September 1, 2013, the CLASSROOM time was shortened to 4 to 6 hours. According to DPS, this does not include breaks, lunch time, travel time to a range, completing documentation, taking and grading the test, explaining the registration process with those who have questions and concerns, or qualification on a certified range. The curriculum was not shortened at all so information is still the same as it has been since September 1, 1995 when we taught our first class. The cost of our CHL/License To Carry(LTC) certification is $120.

Since September we have been able to TEACH the course, serve lunch, qualify students on our private range, assist with explanations of the process and finish all the required paperwork in about 6 ½ hours. I know there are some facilities that claim they can do everything in four hours but it has been an impossibility for me to adequately teach this complex material in that short of a time frame. I could do a quick review of the material and go over the information on the test and be finished in four hours; however, it's more important to teach the required course material in a manner that helps students feel comfortable with carrying deadly force and not make mistakes that could get them into legal or criminal trouble. This takes longer than four hours. The test is still very easy and I believe most people could pass it without going to class. However, they would not be educated sufficiently to carry legally and not get hurt or in legal trouble. In over twenty-one years we have never had a student fail the written or the shooting tests.