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National Firearms Certification — Retired Law Enforcement Officers
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This class is for retired law enforcement ONLY! The cost of this course is $25.00

As former law enforcement officer, I stay current on the State and Federal regulations, which apply to honorably retired Peace officers.

Authority to carry Nationwide under authority of Chapter 44, Title 18, Section 926c is granted to Honorably retired peace officers who have photo credentials and a sworn affidavit that shows they have completed a required course of fire (with the same type firearm they are carrying).

In 2004 when this law was passed under President Bush, authority was granted to the Law Enforcement Certifying Agency of each state to create a process and a standard for qualifying officers to carry nationwide. The Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Education came up with Commission rule 218.9(c) (1), and Texas Occupations code 1701.357, which complies with the Federal law. In 2010 President Obama signed updates to the law: one of which was that the course of fire has to be an approved course for a law enforcement agency. Prior to this time the law required several stipulations for qualification be followed in the course of fire; now it has to be an approved law enforcement course of fire.

What this means is that if you are honorably retired (with several stipulations), have a photo identification from the agency you retired from, AND have a sworn affidavit that you have fired an approved course with the past 12 months, you can carry nationally.

We provide the firearms certification course, and issue the sworn affidavit on the TCOLE forms. We do this for retired State, Federal and Out of State retirees IF you possess a photo identification from the agency you retired from.


That sections authority is derived from Texas State Penal Code 46.15 (5), A or B; and is issued by the agency you retired from, is good for the State of Texas only, and has to be renewed every two years. The State authority is simple and states that you must meet the criterion of law for being honorably retired and qualify every two years. Several police agencies around the central Texas area place many more restrictions on the process over and above what the law requires. Also, they are not obligated to certify anyone that did not retire from their agency.