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Basic Pistol — Sign Up Now!

This course if for persons who want to learn how to properly shoot a handgun.

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This course is designed to teach the fundamentals of shooting a pistol. It is for people who have never handled a pistol all the way up to people who have been shooting for years but want to shoot better.

The class is limited to ten people and I furnish Ruger 45/22 pistols and the ammunition. I also furnish eye and ear protection for the class, so people who don't own a pistol can take the class to see if they are going to enjoy the sport without expending a large amount of money on equipment.

    The class teaches:

  • Firearms safety
  • Range safety and shooting terminology
  • The Seven steps to firing a shot with a pistol
  • Names of the main parts of a pistol
  • The components of a cartridge and how they function
  • The class has some history of cartridge development.
  • Sighting with both eyes open
  • Two handed shooting
  • Trigger reset for multiple shots

There is no age minimum or limit. Parents should be aware that there is about three hours of dialog and learning mechanical skills before there is any shooting. I let parents decide when their children are mature enough to listen, follow directions and be aware and safe with a pistol. Children under 18 years old must have a family member (or other adult of my acceptance) with them during class.

The class usually lasts about five hours and attending this class qualifies the student to use the range at no charge The alumni student may bring family and friends to use the range with them to practice. It is required the alumni student enforce the safety and range rules with their guests and they will act as the range safety officer while they are on the range.