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Basic Rifle — Sign Up Now!

This course if for persons who want to learn how to properly shoot a rifle.

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This course is taught using .22 caliber rimfire rifles. You will shoot several rifles of different action types and become familiar with each type of action as well as various sighting systems (optical sights, aperature sights, open sights, etc.). Scheafer Academy will provide the rifles and ammunition for the course but if you have your own .22 rimfire rifle and ammo then bring them and we will show you how to shoot them properly.

    We go over:

  • Firearms safety
  • Range rules and etiquette
  • Your dominant eye
  • Rifle action types
  • Types of sights
  • Proper zeroing of your rifle
  • The proper sequence of steps for firing a shot

We go over stance and hand positioning and the mechanics of firing a shot from standing, prone and from the bench. We will provide information about the names and the different types of rifles and the names of their parts. We have a dialog with students about different optic systems and the advantage of shooting with two eyes open.

The standard safety rules for handling firearms is taught and at the completion of class the student will have free use of the range and will be able to bring guests to the range to shoot also as long as the alumni requires them to follow the safety rules learned in class and agrees to act as their range safety officer.

The use of armor piercing(AP) or steel core ammunition in any caliber is prohibited on the range. We have metal targets on the range that are armor steel and can be shot with pistols and rifles but AP ammunition will damage them and may create a safety hazard. If you don't know for sure if your ammo is AP or steel core and you shoot a hole in the plates, we will politely ask you to pay for them and the steel is very expensive.