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Basic Shotgun — Sign Up Now!

This course if for persons who want to learn how to properly shoot a shotgun.

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In this class we discuss and name the parts of a shotgun. We also go over different types of shotgun operating systems and their advantages and disadvantages. The course includes safety, range terminology, different sizes and the proper steps to fire a shotgun to be most effective.

It is a beginner course for someone who has never fired a shotgun or wishes to learn to shoot one better. If you do not possess a shotgun we can provide several for you to practice with in class. We will also go over selection of the proper shotgun for the use you have for it. This is not a tactical shotgun course but there will be some discussion between the differences of use for shotguns.

This course qualifies you to be able to use the range for free as long as you follow the safety rules taught in class. Alumni may also bring guests to the range but it will be your responsibility to insure they follow the safety rules and you will be expected to be a range safety officer for any guest you bring out.